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Level 6 - Lookin' Your Eyes

Lookin' your eyes
We're ment to be together [Repeat]

Lookin' your eyes
You and I are together
[Maybe, tomorrow]
And I hope you do mine
I will stay here forever
[Trusting my eyes, so I'm watching you tonight]
Kiss me tonight, I'm so frozen without you
[Where you go, I don't know]
But in this very night
I don't wanna believe you
Give me one more try

Well I'm behind you, darling
In my heart you're mine
Only the thing looks good on me
Is just your smile

When I look into your eyes
I can see your perfect smile
When I listen to your voice
I always sume that I can fly

Lookin' your eyes
We're ment to be together [Repeat]

Napsal LJ v letech 2004–2019. Design splácal Bulva v roce 2007 (to už je sice dávno, ale pořád to funguje!).
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