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Get Far feat. Sagi Rei - All I Need

By the lookin’ your eyes
I’m reading your mind
I know that you’re seeking
for a love divine..
Someone you’ve never had
the chance to know..
Someone who cares
and keeps your real thoughts..
I’m losing my mind
girl you got me going crazy,
passion’s burning deep in my veins,
and you make me feel live..
Honey, you’re taking me high..
All I need is your love…
All I need is your…!

When I look in your eyes
I cannot disguise..
I wish you could feel
your mind surrended tonight..
So why don’t you stay?
Don’t take it away..
I’ll give you my love, body, soul
night and day..
Girl you’re turnin’ me on..
and on.. and on..
When you dance
I can’t resist you baby..
You, sexy lady,
rub me up
and let me be the one..
All i need is your love..
So let me into your life
I will take you high
to the seventh sky..
If you show me the stairway to your heart
I’ll be the one who makes you shine
for ever and ever, and ever
set me free and let me be the one
All I need is your love

All I need is your love
into the seventh sky…
all I need is your love
all I need is your love
into the seventh sky…
all I need is your love

Napsal LJ v letech 2004–2019. Design splácal Bulva v roce 2007 (to už je sice dávno, ale pořád to funguje!).
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