Gabry Ponte feat. Riccardo Cocciante - Margherita

Every time I remember
all the times you were so tender
all the words you used to whisper
to your arms i would surrender

all the roads we used to walk down
all the magic that you gave me
they were just a fade invasion
since the very day you left me


when i see you coming
its a play that gently kills me
every night i keep on waiting
cant believe you never missed me

many times i cried in silence
but i know that i am stronger
if i make through tomorrow
you wont hurt me any longer

now the leaves around are falling
and the wind is cold and ceaseless
all the pictures of the summer
they're a punch that leaves me breathless

every morning when i wake up
i keep searching for a reason
to forget the hell i live in
and to see the right season now

the time has come to wake up
and to run among the crowd
because i am feeling still alive
and i want to scream it loud and proud

the time is right for living
and for leaving all behind

'cause i'll never be the same again
'cause i'll never be so blind
i will try to tell everybody
that my heart has never died

i will try to sing a song
till my eyes are full of light and now

fly up to the stars
and i play among the clouds
i'll be waiting for the sunrise
that will take away my doubts

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