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DJ Sanny J & Victor Ark feat. Randee - Together

Another night alone
Without Stars in the universe
I Can hear your voice from faraway
Maybe you come to stay?

And every time i'm feeling blue
I feel fall in a dark black hole
Come with me I'll be with you
It's so good to be true

Call me now! Feel this life,
We can fly to touch the skies
Always faith in your face
To we'll find a brighter day

Come with me
In my dreams
In a world of fantasies
All is grey in my days…in heaven
Hold me tight
In this life
Cause I need you to survive
We can try,we can live
Together (Together)

Napsal LJ v letech 2004–2019. Design splácal Bulva v roce 2007 (to už je sice dávno, ale pořád to funguje!).
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