Datura - Lost In Time

In the sky the clouds they come and take me away
colours bloom with your loving magic ways
painted thoughts they crowd my sleepin' mind
dreamin' but never knowing what to find.

You're lost in time girl
well you just can't see
we ride into the sunshine
we love to deceive

In the starship - through the nebula's we go
lookin' 'round the corners of eclipsing flow
blowing away the messages of fear
can't you see the love, its everywhere!

Hide inside the boulders of grey sand
looking back but we just don't understand
parallels of moon flickering light
dancing in the waves, its out-a-sight!

Napsal LJ v letech 2004–2024. Design splácal Bulva v roce 2007. Přebírání jakýchkoliv částí webu je podmíněno naším souhlasem.


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