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After the session on March 12th in Disco LP45 in Spain, I had a chance to interview Jordi Carreras.

DJLuNa: When did you know that you wanted to be a DJ?

Jordi Carreras: Hi everyone! Greetings from LP!
Well, when I was 17 I was in a disco in Barcelona called Fibra Optica and I suddenly felt like being a Dj. It is something that always called my attention, but I never thought of being a Dj. After this, I did a course in Djing in a centre called Plastic, and graduated in the 4th promotion, now they are in the 19th or 20th promotion. And after this...everything begun. But I made the decision after that day...Next question!!! (laughter)

DjLuNa: You have been a resident in many discos. Has any of these residences mark you in any way?

Jordi Carreras: Well, I think all the residences are different. But I think the one that has marked me most was in
Millenium(Girona) I was there 3 and half years and the sets were mostly dance mas. When I stopped working there, I began to work alone. I setup a studio and began doings sets as a Dance DJ. Today, que philosphy of Millenium is very similar to the one they have nowadays, especially for the musica and the fun they have in the sets.

DjLuNa: Congratulations for your Deejjay Mags award for Best Commercial Dance Song of the year for Tell me Why. How does it feel to receive such award?

Jordi Carreras: Thanks!! Good...but I am not a person whos lives in the present, I am never in the 'present'. I always try to think in the future. I try not to taste too mucho of the present when I am thinking of the future. But it does make me ilusion to receive this award, because it is an award towards work, sacrifice, consistency, but what is past is past. Now I have to think in future productions, remixes, more things. I don´t like to think in about the past, I like to think in the present/future.

DjLuNa: You are having a lot of success in Spain and also in other countries. Would you like to do sets in other countries, such as Italy?

Jordi Carreras: Yeah, I would love to. My management, Dream Management si working on this. I don´t mind waiting a bit, always when everything goes well. I don´t want to go abroad for going, I want to go fine. At the moment, there are contacts in Italy and France, and what is closer is Austria, Switzerland and Brasil. I am a person who is calm and my work is being in the studio, and the Management works promoting me in other countries.

DjLuNa: Your most recent song, Conquistadores, was in colaboration with Dani Moreno (DJ on Maxima FM). Who did the idea for the song come up?

Jordi Carreras: Well, Dani and I have a great relationship, because I thing the 2 of us speak the same language. We think about nightlife almost the same way, but with our own concepts. But the concept of the night and the contact with the crowd, we pretty much think the same.I wanted to do something different from Teel me why and You are living and the best way to do it is breaking with usual dance style. If you notice, it is a tyle that hasn´ t been done in a long time in SPain and other countries, it is like the song Ramirez, el Gallinero. It is a hardstyle made for the dance floors, so people can jump and dance.And well, I talked to Dani and he liked the idea. I put the music that I had previously recorded , and we recorded the voices and the truth is that I am very happy! I must confess that I am also surprised because everyone is telling me that the song is great!
DjLuNa: Besides dance music, what other types of music do you like?

Jordi Carreras: I Like all music. I must confess that in the studio I do noy only produce dance songs, but I also try to
produce a bit of everything, and when I say everything, it is everything. From r&b, to trance, like Tiësto, Progressive
music, house and hardcore. And to listen at home, it depends of the moment. FOr example, if it is a romantic date, I like R&B, black music and if I am partying, maybe Reggeaton. I am a very open person musically. I think every type of music can be used to learn a bit more, opening your ears, and since my ears are already big...(laughter).

DjLuNa: People are saying that dance music is in crisis. Can it be due to the popularity of house music?

Jordi Carreras: depends of the circunstances. For example, they are saying that dance music is in crisis, and I, personally, don´t notice this, cause I am doing sessions, recording songs, these songs are being played in the discos and I am not seeing this. Yes, it is true that people are saying that dance music is going down. But I think the biggest problem is the media, they don´t support this product. If you compare what they put on the radios, an 80% is house and a 20% is dance. And maybe they should listen to what the people want, because they are who turns on or off the radio. I think there are more people than a 20% who like dance, but this is not valued. Sometimes, personal criteria in the radios is used. THey should respect what the people want.

DjLuNa: Any kind of strange or funny anecdote has happened to you in any session?

Jordi Carreras: Yeah...a really big one...(Laughter)
The truth is, something always happens. For me, one of the funniest ones, even though whe it happened it wasn´t funny, was when I went to a disco in Bilbao (spain). I already knew that commercial dance music in Bilbao...well, they don´t like it. But I was brave and went there.The disco, before I began was full, 600 or 700 people and I put on the first song, and I can asure you that the disco went empty...but totally empty, I didn´t dj for nobody, only for the waitresses. They told me that the people went to another disco, but I am sure that it was for the music, that they like Progressive and Bumping, and I put on Prezioso at the time, and they most of thought, what is he doing??? I had a bad time, but now I remember it with humor.

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